As a high school student, Dual Enrollment with Paul D. Camp Community College gives you the opportunity to take college courses at your own high school, at a Camp Community College campus or center, or with Camp Community College online. These courses may earn you both college credit and high school credit at the same time.  You can even complete a college General Education Certificate, General Studies Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree, or a Career Studies Certificate through Camp Community College while still in high school.

The classes are taught by teachers who have been credentialed to teach for the Virginia Community College System (VCCS).  Some of these instructors may be teachers you are already working with at your high school, others may teach full or part-time for Camp Community College. 

These are college courses, and when you enroll in a dual enrollment class, you become a college student.  There will be more work and higher standards you will have to meet in the course, and your grade in the course will become part of your permanent academic record at the college level.  The grades you earn in dual enrollment courses can affect your future college plans, your employment possibilities, your ability to use financial aid and earn scholarships and more, so it’s important to work hard and strive to succeed.

Please contact your high school guidance counselor or the college’s Dual Enrollment Coordinator with any questions you may have. 

Spring 2024 Drop-Add and Withdrawal Dates

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Dual Enrollment Student Handbook