G3 Funding is Available!

The G3 Program is a tuition assistance program for any Virginia resident who qualifies for in-state tuition and whose family income falls below an identified threshold. Eligible students may enroll in designated career pathways leading to jobs in high-demand fields.

Am I eligible? 

G3 is for Virginians who meet the following criteria:

  • Adult domiciled in Virginia who qualifies for State Financial Aid,
  • Has a total household income of less than or equal to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (roughly an income of $100,000 for a family of four),
  • Has filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with Camp’s school code listed: 009159
  • Is enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours in a Virginia community college,
  • Is only enrolled in a designated G3 Program (dual placement in non-G3 programs will not be permitted).
  • Makes Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Connect with an advisor

Here’s Camp’s full list of G3 programs as of March 2021. Detailed information on all of Camp’s programs is found in the downloadable, indexed College Catalog and Student Handbook.

Plan Code Program Name CIP Code
Health Sciences
156 Nursing - Program Map 51.3801
157 Practical Nursing - Program Map 51.3901
221-146-01 Emergency Medical Technician - Program Map 51.0904
221-146-08 Advanced EMT (AEMT) - Program Map 51.0904
221-151-02 Phlebotomy - Program Map 51.1004
221-156-02 Pre-Nursing - Program Map 51.3801
221-157-04 Nurse Aide - Program Map 51.3901
N/A Clinical Medical Assistant  
N/A EKG Technician  
N/A Phlebotomy Technician  
N/A Medication Aide  
N/A Patient Care Technician  
Public Safety
400-01 Admin of Justice - Corrections Science - Program Map 43.0103
400-02 Administration of Justice - Police Science - Program Map 43.0103
221-400-45 Foundations of Criminal Justice - Program Map 43.0103
636 Early Childhood Education - Program Map 19.0709
632 Early Childhood Development - Program Map 19.0709
221-636-01 Early Childhood - Program Map 19.0709
221-636-05 Infant Toddler - Program Map 19.0707
Industrial Technology & Trades
883 Industrial Technology - Program Map 15.0699
883-02 Industrial Technology - Electronic-Electrical - Program Map 15.0699
736 Mechatronics - Program Map 15.0613
942 Electricity - Program Map 46.0302
221-903-10 HVAC Career - Program Map 47.0201
221-903-11 Building Maintenance - Program Map 47.0201
221-942-02 Practical Electrical Technician - Program Map 46.0302
221-990-00 Industrial Maintenance - Program Map 15.0699
221-995-01 General Welding - Program Map 48.0508
221-995-79 Professional Welder - Pipe - Program Map 48.0508
N/A Backflow Prevention Device Certification  
N/A Core-Introductory Craft Skills  
N/A Industrial Maintenance Electrical and Instrumentation - Level 1  
N/A Industrial Maintenance Electrical and Instrumentation - Level 2  
N/A Industrial Maintenance Electrical and Instrumentation - Level 3  
N/A Industrial Maintenance Electrical and Instrumentation - Level 4  
N/A Certified Welder  
N/A Manufacturing Technician 1 (MT1)  
N/A Marine Trade Training: Outside Machinist Level 1  
N/A Marine Trade Training: Welding Level 1  
N/A Marine Trade Training: Welding Level 2  
N/A Marine Trade Training: Welding Level 3  
N/A Heavy Equipment Operations - Level 1  
N/A Heavy Equipment Operations - Level 2  
N/A Certified Logistics Associate  
N/A Certified Logistics Technician  
N/A Work Zone Flagger  
N/A Crane Operator  
N/A Rigging & Signal  
Administrative & Office Support
221-285-89 Medical Office Administrative Assistant - Program Map 51.0799
221-285-90 Medical Office Coder/Reimbursement Specialist - Program Map 51.0799
Science, Technology, & Computing
221-299-09 Computer Support Specialist - Program Map 11.0101
221-299-21 Hardware and Software Support - Program Map 11.0101
221-732-08 Cybersecurity and Networking Foundations - Program Map 15.0303
221-732-09 Cybersecurity - Program Map 15.0303
221-733-03 Industrial Automation and Robotics - Program Map 15.0405
N/A CompTIA A+  
N/A CompTIA Network+  
N/A CompTIA Security+  

Several career pathways and associated services being strengthened under this grant include:

Early Childhood Education

Contact Dr. Antoinette Johnson,

Emergency Medical Services

Tasha Taylor,

Information Technology/Computer Science – Cybersecurity and Networking

Contact Mr. Robert Tureman,

Industrial Technology – Electrical

Contact Ms. Keisha Nichols,
knichols@jordanrippe.com or Dr. Justin Oliver, joliver@jordanrippe.com


Contact Mr. Steven Street,

Administration of Justice/Criminal Justice

Contact Mr. Joseph DeStefano,

About G3:

In January 2019, Camp Community College was awarded a “G3” planning grant.*
The Get a Skill. Get a Job. Get Ahead grant is helped Camp Community College strengthen existing programs and further develop career pathways that prepare students for well-paying, in-demand careers. This grant also helped Camp implement an online orientation for all new students, improve course scheduling so that students can more easily complete their studies and enter the workforce, expand pathways to dual enrolled students, and grow our partnerships with employers to provide more work-based learning opportunities for students. 

*This initiative is 100% supported by a federal U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) award made to Paul D. Camp Community College by the pass-through entity, Virginia Community College System. The total program cost for this initiative is $70,714