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Name Department Title Office Location Phone Email

Altstatt, Nancy

Admissions Recruitment and International Admissions Specialist Franklin 126 757.569.6733

Artis, Carletta

Workforce Development Community Engagement Specialist Workforce 214 757.569.6723

Ashby, Carolyn

Faculty Biology/Sustainability Franklin 136G 757.569.6756

Atkins-Brady, Tara Ph.D.

Academic and Student Development Vice President of Academic and Student Development Franklin 111 757.569.6714

Bachhofer, Austin

Academic and Student Development Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic and Student Development Franklin 112 757.569.6704

Barksdale, Tom

Building and Grounds Building and Grounds Superintendent Franklin 145 757.569.6099

Barnes, Morris

Chancellor's College Success Program College Success Coach Suffolk 112D

Beale, Laquasha

Financial Aid Financial Aid Officer Suffolk 100B 757.925.6363

Bergess, Brenda

Library Administrative Assistant Franklin 130B 757.569.6737

Bradshaw, Aleasha

Workforce Development Enrollment Services Specialist Workforce 757.569.6060

Bradshaw, Phillip

Business Office Operations Manager Franklin 106 757.569.6744

Brinkley, Laurel

Nursing Practical Nursing Lead Instructor Franklin, 136D 757.569.6752

Brown, Chariety

Student Support Services Transfer Coordinator Suffolk 100K 757.925.6333

Brown, Kenayra

Workforce Development   Workforce

Brown, Mary

Adjunct Faculty Math Instructor

Brown, Renee

Workforce Development Executive Secretary Workforce 210 757.569.6050

Bullock, Damay

Academic and Student Development Coordinator of Institutional Research and Assessment   757.925.6337

Burwell Jr, Frederick

Library Librarian, evening Franklin 130B 757.569.6741

Butler, Cherylaine

Nursing Adjunct Faculty,
Practical Nursing

Cale, Katherine

Business Office Financial Services Analyst Franklin 116 757.569.6706

Cashwell, Angel

Upward Bound Counselor Franklin 136H 757.569.6784

Council, Judith "Dee"

Workforce Development Workforce Development Enrollment Services Specialist Workforce 210A 757.569.6041

Cutchins, Cathy

President's Office Executive Assistant to the President Franklin 108 757.569.6712

Dandridge, Michelle

Human Resources Director of Human Resources Franklin 102 757.569.6791

Daughtrey, Chandi

Workforce Development

Financial Services Specialist

Workforce 757.569.6080

DeStefano, Joseph

Faculty Administration of Justice / Interim Chief   757.925.6330

Drake, Cheryl

Nursing Adjunct Faculty,
Practical Nursing

Eng, Julie

Faculty English Franklin 120F 757.569.6748

Evans, Tisha

Student Support Services Director of TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Franklin 120B 757.569.6780

Felton, David

Computing Services Computer Specialist / On-Line Learning Franklin 118 757.569.6718

Finch, Robert

Library Library Assistant Suffolk 122

Fox, Keith

Faculty Mathematics Suffolk

Gilchrist, Jocelyn

Faculty Early Childhood Education Suffolk

Gleason, Mary Ellen

Academic Programs Test Administrator Franklin 117B 757.569.6740

Griffin, Carol

Nursing Administrative Assistant Franklin 136K 757.569.6731

Gundlach, Cirrus

Library Coordinator of Library Services Suffolk 122E 757.925.6339

Guy, Dawn

Nursing ADN Nursing faculty 136J 757.653.8321

Harrison, Teresa

Financial Aid Financial Aid Coordinator Franklin 125 757.569.6715

Hill, Dawn

Workforce Development Lead Instructor/Healthcare coordinator Fast track Programs Workforce 208 757.569.6044

Howell, Alicia

Faculty Associate Professor of Biology Suffolk 123A 757.925.6366

Howell, Mary Ann

Faculty Business Administration Franklin 120H 757.569.6778

Jacobs, Ronette

Faculty Assistant Professor, English Suffolk 112I 757.925.6331

Jenkins, James

Computing Services Installation & Repair Technician, Computer Lab Suffolk 106 757.925.6318

Johnson, Antoinette Ed.D

Workforce Development Director of Workforce Development Workforce 204 757.569.6064

Jones, Trina

Admissions Dean of Student Services and Professional Counselor Franklin 126F 757.569.6720

Key, Desiree

Workforce Development Youth Program Coordinator Workforce 216C 757.569.6770

Klass, Kelly

Computing Services Network Support Specialist Suffolk 107C 757.925.6320

Lassiter, Brent

Building and Grounds Lead Grounds Worker Franklin 757.569.6709

Lawrence, Audrey

Academic and Student Development Shared Services Distance Learning Liaison

Little, Lucy MSN, RN

Nursing Assistant Professor of Nursing, Simulation and Skills Lab Coordinator Franklin 136F 757.569.6798

Lowe, Andrew

Building and Grounds Athletic Fields Technician Franklin 757.569.6709

McCray, Corey L. Dr.

President's Office President Franklin 107 757.569.6712

McNair, Crystal

Business Office Student Financial Accountant Franklin 101 757.569.6710

Miller-Edwards, Wendy

Faculty History Suffolk 757.925.6327

Mitchell, Darren

Workforce Development Trades Instructor, WFD Workforce 757.569.6093

Nichols, Keisha

Faculty Associate Professor, Industrial Technology Franklin 144A 757.569.6763

Oliver, Justin

Academic Programs Dean of Academic Programs and Athletic Director 
Hobbs Suffolk Campus
Professor, Mathematics
Suffolk 100H 757.925.6302

Parker, Travis

Upward Bound Director of Upward Bound Franklin 136F 757.569.6759

Patterson, Ruth

Workforce Development Workforce Receptionist Workforce 210 757.569.6700

Poplin, Jeff

Department of Public Safety Lieutenant Franklin 118 757.569.6721

Powell, Veronica

Workforce Development Workforce Services Credential Coach Workforce 214 757.569.6042

Purvis, Melissa

Admissions Enrollment Navigator Suffolk 100A 757.569.6707

Ricks, Christopher

Admissions Registrar Franklin 126F 757.569.6722

Ricks, Tradell

Financial Aid Financial Aid Specialist Franklin 125 757.569.6783

Ricks, Willard

Workforce Development Event Specialist Workforce 757.569.6040

Rollins, Daniel

Admissions / Athletics Student Advisor and Head Baseball Coach Franklin 126C 757.569.6767

Sheaffer, Angela Dr.

Nursing Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Franklin 136I 757.569.6751

Singh, Catrina

Nursing Nursing Faculty Franklin 136A

Smith, Tonya

Business Office Business Office Manager Franklin 104 757.569.6701

Stagg, Keith

Athletics High School College and Career Coach
Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Street, Steven

Faculty Industrial Trades Franklin 136B 757.569.6729

Strylowski, Barbara

Upward Bound Executive Assistant Franklin 757.569.6764

Sweat, Janay

Academic and Student Development Student Life Coordinator Franklin 133

Taylor, Tasha

Nursing Nursing and Allied Health Academic Advisor Franklin 136E 757.569.6779

Tureman, Robert

Faculty Associate Professor, Information Systems Technology Suffolk 112G 757.925.6329

Umphlett, Heather

Faculty Mathematics Franklin 757.569.6727

Urquhart, Desiree

Institutional Advancement Grants Coordinator   757.569.6789

Wachsmann, Judith

Academic and Student Development Dual Enrollment Coordinator Franklin 105 757.569.6081

Warford, Heidi

Financial Aid Loan Officer Suffolk 100C 757.569.6715

Watford, Jonathan

Educational Programs High School Career Coach Franklin 120I 757.569.6797

Wellons Parker, Tia

Workforce Development Trades Instructor, WFD Workforce 757.569.6050

Wolfe, Lisha

Workforce Development FastForward Career Coach Workforce 210 757.569.6048

Worth, Kathleen

Admissions Office Services Specialist Franklin, 126 757.569.6717

Wright, Vernice

Nursing Adjunct Faculty,
Practical Nursing

Zeigler, Jeffrey

Institutional Advancement Director of Institutional Advancement Franklin 110 757.569.6711